The F# Europe Open Space is an online unconference. There is no upfront agenda: you and the other participants self-organise the sessions. The outcomes are unpredictable… but often surprisingly good!

You can join sessions that are proposed by the other participants. Or you can propose your own sessions. You can do a programming session, using a tricky problem from your job. You can do a presentation, on a topic you’re passionate about, or a Questions & Answers session, or ...

You don’t even need to know the topic in advance. “I’d like to learn about XYZ, who wants to explain it, or experiment with me?” is a perfectly valid session.

How does it work?

In the Marketplace, you can propose your sessions, pick a time slot, and discover other people’s sessions. You can also start ad hoc sessions with others throughout the day.

There are a couple of principles that make this work:

In short, explore, experiment, have fun!

I'm new to Open Spaces

Don't worry! It's perfectly fine to butterfly around, and see what's happening in the different sessions without participating. You'll find people are usually very welcoming.


We'll be using Hopin (interactive video platform), Miro (collaborative whiteboarding), and whatever tools you bring

Lightning Talks CFP

We'll have slots for 5 minute lightning talks. Submit your idea.

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